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Software Engineer — Backend, Data & Search


PostEra is building a modern biopharma, using machine learning to accelerate medicinal chemistry, to develop cures for diseases, faster. We've raised $26M from top investors, secured a $68M NIH partnership to prevent pandemics, and established a $260M partnership with Pfizer. We also launched and help lead the world's largest open-science initiative to find a COVID antiviral; COVID Moonshot.

About the role

  • PostEra’s product and engineering team is looking for an experienced backend engineer to join the team with a focus on our data pipelines and search solutions

  • The average drug discovery campaign generates vast amounts of chemical data. When you couple that with generate AI technology, the amount of data a chemist needs to navigate and make decisions with is quite large.

  • You will help build out search/filter/sort solutions for existing and new data visualization tools, improve our data pipelines, and work on chemical structure search solutions for chemists to navigate the aforementioned data.

  • You will work with PostEra’s team of engineers, machine learning researchers, and chemists to offer responsive, reliable, and secure data access and search solutions, iterating on existing solutions and innovating on novel improvements

Desired skills and experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent industry experience

  • 3+ years work experience building user interfaces and web applications (in frontend or full stack roles)

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Redux

  • Experience working in a continuous-deployment software development environment (i.e. experience with feature flags, trunk-based deployment, and CI testing), and a passion for automated testing

  • Experience building, delivering, and maintaining new feature interfaces from the bottom-up

  • Passion for frontend development with a desire to build strong relationships with backend engineers, and uniquely at PostEra: Chemists — the users of our tools


  • Experience in web application design, or UI/UX

  • Experience building scientific applications

  • Experience (directly or worked closely with a team using these tools) across our tech-stack: AWS/terraform, Postgres, Rust, Python/Django, TypeScript/React

Salary: 120k - 180k

Equity: 0.1% - 0.20%

Visa Sponsorship: Not at this time

Hiring Manager: Emily Ripka

Visit us at

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Apply now
United States
120k-180k USD
Timezones (UTC)
Software Engineer
Back End Developer
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Created by @marcelcruz